Olympia SuperLeggera Competizione/Galli Aerodynamic groupset

  • hi,
    for sale bike with very beautiful Olympia SuperLeggera Competizione frame, columbus SLX tubes, fork,seat stays and chain stays are Columbus AIR. I know, you don't know olympia, but it's the second oldest bicycles house in italy, after Bianchi. It has also Frera and Scapin in his company. This is one of the most important frame of this house. Size is v 52,5 h 53 c-c.
    Group set is a full Galli Aerodynamic, with 3ttt seatpost, as Galli want. Galli is a little house of Turin, italy, famous for his light components, for example Rigi used for his frame Galli Group set with Omas Hubs....do know rigi right???
    How ever...there are also Cinelli's handlebar and stem with almarc's leather, Ambrosio rim's for tubes.
    Bike is in good conditions, paint has 2-3 little points, no rust, frame is totally cromed, cables are totally internal (look their ways out).
    So, frame and group are very rare, original and good conditions, i would like €750

    photos here

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